Beat your Knee Arthritis Pain for Good

with the most powerful non-surgical procedure on the market.

Dr. Saha and Dr. Rami have helped hundreds of patients overcome advanced-stage knee arthritis pain with a new in-office procedure that delivers significantly more relief than injections or therapy. 

Not Everyone who has advanced knee arthritis pain

Wants or Qualifies for Surgery.

Knee replacement surgery may be suggested for those with severe knee arthritis, but for those who are not candidates or don’t wish to undergo the procedure, it can be frustrating to not know what other options are available.

and If your knees are at the point where...

Physical Therapy and Injections aren't helping

Living in pain shouldn't have to be your "new normal."

You may believe that your arthritis is too advanced to improve, especially if prior treatments have failed. 

However, there is still an effective solution available that can help alleviate your pain.

I'm Dr. Arnold Saha and I'm a Vascular Specialist.

There's a new (and extremely powerful) pain relieving procedure for advanced stage knee arthritis pain that you need to know about!

It’s called Genicular Artery Embolization (GAE) and it can dramatically reduce the pain and inflammation in your knees. Watch this quick video to learn how this amazing procedure may be able to help you!

Why Should You Consider the G.A.E Procedure?

Genicular artery embolization (GAE) is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to knee replacement surgery, as thousands of men and women are choosing GAE to treat knee arthritis pain due to its minimally invasive nature and effectiveness.

Meet the My Aim Team

Arthritis Specialists

Arnold Saha, MD

Serving the El Paso and Las Cruces Locations

Dr. Saha is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. His initial training in Surgery was followed by Radiology residency at West Penn/Allegheny Health System in Pittsburgh, PA where he trained with Dr. Gordon McLean, an early pioneer in the field of Interventional Radiology.

He also completed a fellowship in Interventional Radiology at the University of Michigan. Dr. Saha is double board-certified in Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology.

Parag Rami, MD

Dr. Parag Rami brings over two decades of medical expertise to the field, with a steadfast commitment to vascular and interventional radiology. Having completed his Fellowship in Vascular & Interventional Radiology at the University of Michigan, Dr. Rami’s extensive knowledge is complemented by a Residency in Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Toledo. His journey in medicine began at Ross University, School of Medicine, following undergraduate studies at the University of California San Diego.

Dr. Rami’s passion lies in vascular and interventional radiology, with special interests in Embolizations, Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), Venous Disease, and Spine Interventions. His dedication to advancing patient care is evident in his affiliation with Abrazo Arrowhead Hospital, where he continues to make a positive impact on the community’s health.

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Patient Resources

Discover more about Knee OA and the GAE procedure.

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Today there are new alternatives to successfully relieve the pain caused by DJD, including genicular artery embolization (GAE), a non-surgical, outpatient treatment. Here’s what you’ll learn…


A New Option for Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Watch this webinar to find out to discover how Genicular Artery Embolization (GAE) can delay or eliminate the need for a Knee Replacement. Here’s what you’ll learn…

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