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Our integrated team of specialists focuses on providing you with the latest imaging and treatments to help you recover the way you want: simple, effective and affordable.

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We’re transforming healthcare by starting with what the patient should expect. Technology that takes the guesswork out of making the most informed health decisions.

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With insurance deductibles only getting higher each year, it’s important now more than ever to find a doctor that knows how to guide you to a full recovery without ordering the unnecessary things that drive up your healthcare cost.

Our doctors keep your care efficient and affordable by using:

Low Cost Imaging

With in-house imaging such as ultrasound and x-ray to accurately diagnose your condition, we can help you avoid expensive MRI’s and CT scans.

In-office Procedures Instead of at a Hospital 

Did you know hospitals can charge your insurance 3-5 times as much for the same procedure as a small group practice? Having your procedure done in office can save you thousands on your care.

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Innovative procedures that outperform traditional surgery

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Our FDA approved micro-invasive procedures:

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