Nervous about Varicocele Surgery?

We've got you covered.

Dr. Wood and Dr. Saha have helped hundreds of men regain freedom from scrotal discomfort with a new vascular procedure that is so effective… it eliminates the need for surgery.

Feeling discomfort, low sex drive or fertility issues?

It could be vein a issue in your scrotum.

Varicocele is a medical condition in which the veins within your scrotum become enlarged and dilated, causing blood pooling and pressure in the area.

Tired of the discomfort and problems of Varicocele

But the discomfort and risks of surgery are holding you back?

Believe me, you are not alone! I have yet to meet one patient who was excited about Varicocele surgery and it’s potential side effects:

I'm Dr. David Wood and I'm a Vascular Specialist

There's a new procedure for varicocele that you need to know about​.

It’s called Varicocele Embolization, and it’s the safe, clinically proven way to reduce the size of the affected veins and dramatically improve the health of your testicles.

This minimally invasive procedure works by closing off blood flow to the affected vein(s), causing the varicocele to shrink. 

Why Should You Consider Varicocele Embolization?

Varicocele embolization is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to prostate surgery, as thousands of men are choosing it to treat their testicular discomfort due to its minimally invasive nature and effectiveness.


With only a pin-size puncture on the inner thigh, you can walk out of your procedure with minimal discomfort.

Highly Effective 

Clinical studies show embolization patients reported a significant improvement in varicocele symptoms comparable to surgery.


With no reported sexual side effects, the embolization procedure is far safer than varicocelectomy surgery.

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