Healthcare transformation for people and providers who are sick of the outdated model.

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We’re changing healthcare by enabling more medical services within the physician’s office. We seek to disrupt patients’ need to require unnecessary hospital and facility care visits through an integrated approach powered by years of experience and knowledge of the system and proven solutions.

What we do

We are real value-care.

We aim to provide the best care at better prices. My Aim was born out of changing the outdated healthcare model of expensive, slow, confusing, and not always the best solution for patients. We also know that competing with the giants today means having an ally on the provider side to own the back office so you can get back to helping people get better.

Value-based care (also known as value-based healthcare or value-care) is a healthcare delivery model that focuses on improving the quality of care and patient outcomes, while also controlling costs. The goal of value-based care is to provide the right care at the right time, in the right setting, and at the right cost.

Value-based care differs from traditional fee-for-service models, in which healthcare providers are reimbursed for each individual service provided, with no consideration of overall patient outcomes. Instead, value-based care models incentivize healthcare providers to work together to achieve better outcomes for patients while controlling costs.

Value-based care is becoming increasingly popular as a way to improve the quality of care and control costs in the healthcare system.


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