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Suspect Flat Feet Is Causing Your Foot and Ankle Pain?

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Without arches to absorb shock

Your Legs and Feet Take a Beating.

Flat feet can cause increased stress on your knee and ankle joints. This is because the arch of your foot helps to distribute weight evenly and absorb shock as you walk or run.

If your struggling with any of the following, flat feet may be to blame:

With a ton of different treatments, orthodics and devices to choose from...

Where do you start?

Many people end up spending money on shoes, orthodics and treatments before getting the cause of their flat feet diagnosed, this can lead to choosing the wrong treatment. Instead of addressing the underlying cause, they end up treating the symptoms. 

Seeing a podiatrist for a proper diagnosis can:

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Our podiatry offices have everything you need to restore arches to your feet, from experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, to a wide range of treatment options and state-of-the-art facilities.

When Should You Consider Seeing a Podiatrist for Your Flat Feet?

If over the counter treatments haven’t been delivering the results you want, our team of experts are here to help. 

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