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With on-site imaging and an array of treatments, our podiatry experts have the tools and training to help you recover from even the most severe ankle sprains.

If your sprained ankle isn't getting better after ice and rest

You may have significant ligament damage in your ankle.

Depending on the severity of the sprain, you could have a partial or full tear to one or more ligaments in your ankle.

With so many different providers and treatment options to choose from...

where do you start?

Many people end up spending money on physical therapy and braces before getting the severity of their ankle sprain diagnosed, this can lead to choosing the wrong treatment.

Getting your ankle sprain checked by a podiatrist can help by:

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Our podiatry offices have everything you need to get relief from your sprained ankle, from experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, to a wide range of treatment options and state-of-the-art facilities.

When Should You Consider Seeing a Podiatrist for Your Sprained Ankle?

If your foot or ankle sprain isn’t improving, you could be dealing with a torn ligament. A podiatrist has the specialized training needed to get your ankle sprain the proper diagnosis and treatment it needs.

We can help you at many different stages of care:

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