Fractured Your Foot, Ankle or Toe?

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With in-house imaging and podiatrists that specialize in fracture management, getting back on your feet has never been easier.

If you want your injury to heal properly

the window to get your fracture set is less than a week.

Fractures in the bones of the feet can take longer than a week to heal, however, it’s important to get the bone properly aligned and immobilized as soon as possible to allow for proper healing. If a fracture is not properly treated within a week, it may lead to complications such as poor healing, chronic pain, and deformity. 

What happens when someone misses the window to have their fracture set?

Save yourself the headche...

get your fracture treated right the first time

It’s true, seeing a Podiatrist will cost you a co-pay, but it will pay for itself:

We have all the tools to get you back on your feet...

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Our podiatry offices have everything you need to recover from a fracture, from experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, to a wide range of treatment options and state-of-the-art facilities.


Should I see a podiatrist if I've already been to urgent care?

It is important to follow up with a foot specialist after visiting an urgent care for a foot or ankle fracture because a specialist will have the expertise and resources to properly diagnose and treat your injury. Additionally, a specialist can also provide long-term management and preventative care to prevent future injuries or complications.

If it's just a toe fracture, is there anything a doctor can even do to help?

A podiatrist will be able to develop a personalized care plan for your particular fracture, which may include physical therapy, bracing, or surgery.

Should I see a podiatrist before I go to Urgent Care?

In an ideal world, yes. Every patient would go straight to a podiatrist because you can get an x-ray right away and receive the proper diagnosis and treatment from a foot expert. 

If your injury occurs outside of normal office hours, seeing an urgent care may be your only immediate option. 

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