Burning, tingling or numbness in your toes?

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If your dealing with numbness and tingling in your toes

A tiny benign tumor called a neuroma could be to blame.

A neuroma, also known as a Morton’s neuroma, is a benign nerve tumor that thickens the tissue around the nerve in your foot, typically between the third and fourth toes causing it to become pinched.

What does a neuroma feel like?

With a ton of different treatments, orthodics and devices to choose from...

Where do you start?

Many people end up spending money on shoes, gadgets and treatments before getting the cause of their neuroma diagnosed, this can lead to choosing the wrong treatment. Instead of addressing the underlying cause, they end up treating the symptoms. 

Getting your neuroma diagnosed by a podiatrist can help by:

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When Should You Consider Seeing a Podiatrist for Your Nerve Pain?

If your feeling burning, tingling and numbness, it is important to see a podiatrist as soon as possible because neuromas can become more severe over time and may require more extensive treatment. Early intervention can help to reduce pain and prevent the condition from worsening.

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