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When your toenail is red, swollen and painful

It may have broken the skin and become infected

Although ingrown toenails may appear to be a minor problem, they can develop into a severe concern if an infection occurs. Infection can swiftly spread into muscles and bone resulting in more severe conditions

If your having any of the following symptoms, you may have an infection:

What are the best treatments for an infected toenail?

and where do you start?

Any podiatrist can easily diagnose your infected ingrown toenail…What sets one doctor apart from another is the talent and skill they have at performing the following surgical procedures. 

***This is especially true if you have additional conditions such as diabetes that complicate the procedure

Permanent Removal of In-grown Nail Portion (Most Popular)

After the area is numbed up with local anesthetic, the ingrown nail border is removed, and a chemical agent is used to destroy the nail root so it doesn’t come back. The success rate is very high for this in office procedure.

Temporary Removal

This is a procedure where a portion of the ingrown toenail is removed, without removing the matrix or root of the toenail. This procedure is not commonly done because the ingrown toenail will grow back and this only temporarily manages symptoms

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